Friday, 8 May 2009

Day 14: Spider

Just a simple one today. This little guy's been camped out in our bathroom for a couple of weeks now. I'm glad I live in England as our spider's aren't deadly so I have no issues with him being there.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Day 13: THE ARSENAL!!!

Just had to do this one. Now Tuesday night's game doesn't hurt so much, and despite always being proud of Arsenal FC, a pic of (and admittedly old shirt, with old design badge) needed taking.

We Love You Arsenal, We Do!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Day 12: Experimental

I've only really ever used this camera's automatic shot, landscape style shot and macro mode, so I decided to have a little play. I can't remember exactly what settings I used now, but I quite like the results, I might try again with just a shot of my shoe as I like how deep it is in that bottom corner against the tarmac floor of my daughters school playground.

Not a great shot admittedly, anyone commenting would be fair to point out that my hand is supposed to be the focal point of the picture but its quite clearly not in the final shot. I still quite like the results though.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Day 11: Going To School

So the long weekend is over and its back to school, so off the sprog sets ahead of me anxious to play with all of her friends again, and with this picture I finally catch up with where I should be on this blog/experiment/challenge.

Day 10: Confused lights

Yet another overcast day, this being a Bank Holiday Monday its even more depressing than an overcast Sunday. I think these lights kind of agree too, they appear almost confused by it as its dark enough during the day for them to be on at roughly lunchtime.

Day 9: Blossom Tree's

An overcast Sunday, fun. I was sent out to the shops for random stuff and as usual took the camera with me, the best shot I took was probably of these blossom tree's in the local park. Not the best pic I've taken thus far, nor the most imaginative but at least I got one in there.

Day 8: Dance!

I really like this one, it looks like she's dancing. Admittedly she's not, she's sort of running/skipping and trying to pick up her toy at the same time.